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Jenny's Adventurous Life: A Fairy Tale

Here ye shall find LINKS that tell the story of 
      Superhero Jenny's grand existence.  

Once upon a time, an angelic little girl was born on the lovely island of TAIWAN.
Her parents named her JENNY, which simulataneously means goddess and superhero.
Drawn to promises of good Chinese food, Jenny's family moved to ATLANTA, land of bad drivers.
Soon, Jenny was to attend BRIARLAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, where fun and friendship were to be learned.
There she met NANCY KHO, a sweet girl who was a math whiz and became Jenny's longterm buddy.
Jenny moved on to LAKESIDE HIGH, where fond memories, great friendships, & cool teachers dwelled.
In summer, Jenny went with Kristin to ATLANTA GAY PRIDE & frolicked among rainbows and drag queens.
After graduation, Jenny got a job at SANRIO SURPRISES, where Hello Kitty reigned supreme.
Her path led her to GUILFORD COLLEGE, where she discovered warmth, beer, & sketch laundrey machines.
And of course, HARRIS TEETER, her worst enemy and best savior.
It was because of Guilford's caf that Jenny became obsessed with RAMEN NOODLES.
Upon returning to the great city of Atlanta, Jenny worked at HALLMARK, land of greeting cards.

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