Vision of Romance and Jazz

The hearbeat of the relaxed smoky darkness
--the shivery taps upon the cymbals
soft, caressing pulse of the drums
the mournful wail of the sax
the trumpet's mighty voice--
underscored by intimate bass
candle flames, flames in the heart
felt in the brushing fingertips, 
the shoes under the table, almost touching
fragrant spiced incense burning--sensuous
smoke drifts about, glows from
red light--splashes of red on 
walls, tables, drinks, hands, faces.
clinking of glass and ice, fingers keeping 
the beat upon table tops,
thoughts whispered with hand holding, squeezing,
tingly skin, tingly hearts, warm from daquiris and wine
voices, murmuring, laughing, above the music,
below the music, between the music,
The music and hte voices waft out the open door
into the heavy summer night
silenced by the bustling city noise.