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HOPEFULLY, i will constantly be updating this page, 
but until then, it will pretty much suck.  i started 
this so that it could maybe serve as a resource for people 
who want to keep up with issues going on in/pertaining 
to the LGBT community, learn a little gay history, 
and find other good websites and resources. This page is 
in its very very beginnings, so I apologize.  If you have 
any suggestions, comments, or questions, please 
email me at kawai_panda@hotmail.com.  Thanks!  

The Deal on Gay Straight Alliances: Forming Your Own
My Personal Advice and Recommendations

***So YOU DON'T KNOW Where to Pick Up Your FREE Southern Voice???***

Try these locations (in Atlanta)

.....Borders in Buckhead (near Phipps Plaza)  
.....Church Street Coffee in Decatur (near the AtL Bread Company)
.....Everybody's at Emory 
.....Chapter 11 in Briarcliff Village


               (Convenient for lazy people, especially me)  

.....FINALLY!  The 4-1-1 on the 4th Annual GLSEN Conference:
     Teaching Respect for All 2000 has been announced--
     it will be held in Chicago, Oct. 6-8.  If you're a broke
     young 'un like me, youth scholarships are available!  
     (hazzah!)  Deadline is Aug. 25.  To apply, go to:

    Check out www.glsen.org for more info.

.....ON RELIGION:  The Episcopal General Convention, whose 
     agenda includes debating the issue of allowing homosexuals 
     to be church leaders, will be held for 10 days starting 
     July 12.  
                   (source:  Associated Press)

.....So Ya Wanna Be a Boy Scout Troop Leader?  Well, if you're 
     Queer and Out, forget it.  On Wed. June 23, the U.S. Supreme
     Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that the Boy Scouts, as a 
     private organization, can bar homosexuals from serving as 
     troop leaders.  The justification given was that deciding
     otherwise would impose on a private organization's right
     of expressive association (under the First Amendment) 
                  (source:  Associated Press) 

             Established July 10, 2000.  Updated July 11, 2000.  

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