Timeline of Events Pertaining to the 'Comfort Women' Issue

               U N D E R  C O N S T R U C T I O N ! 

                      BEFORE WORLD WAR II

**** 1910-------Japan colonizes Korea

1932------------sexual service facilities are first provided during the Shanghai incident for the pleasure of Japanese occupation forces in China and to prevent large-scale rape of members of the local population

                      DURING WORLD WAR II

1940------------6 Taiwanese women are sent to mainland China, as is 
                indicated by Japanese military telegrams

1942------------70 Taiwanese women are sent to Malaysia, as is 
                indicated by Japanese military telegrams

1943-----------253 Taiwanese women are sent to New Guinea, as is 
               indicated by Japanese military telegramas

**** 1945-------End of Japan's colonization of Korea
                August:  Japan surrenders to the Allied Powers

                       AFTER WORLD WAR II

1951-------------San Francisco Peace Treaty

1965-------------Japan-Republic of Korea Normalization Treaty

**** 1991--------Kim Hak-soon, a former South Korean comfort woman, 
                 goes public with her personal experiences as a 
                 comfort woman
         December:  a group of 35 Korean women who were former    
                   comfort women initiated action in Japanese courts  
                   demanding apology and compensation of 20 million 
                   yen each
                   >then-PM Miyazawa issued a formal apology during 
                    an official visit to Seoul

March 1992-------The Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation starts 
                 interviewing Taiwanese women claiming to be former 
                 comfort women

July 1992--------The Japanese government officially acknowledges 
                 the existence of comfort women
                 >the chief cabinet secretary apologizes on behalf of 
                 the Japanese government but refuses individual 
December 1992----The Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation completes 58 
                 Taiwanese comfort women cases and is unable to 
                 follow 8

August 1993------the Japanese government admits its direct official 
                 responsibility for involvement w/ organization of 
                 the comfort women but still refused compensation

September 1993---a group of former comfort women from the Philippines 
                 launched an action for apology and compensation from 
                 the Japanese government

****1994--------A private fund for the former comfort women is 
                established by Japanese politicians and bureaucrats

April 1994------References to the plight of comfort women appear for 
               the first time in Japanese textbooks
               >then-Justice Minister Shigeto Nagano suggests that  
               comfort women were licensed prostitutes 

April 1998------A Japanese court rules for the first time that Tokyo 
                should pay compensation to 3 former South Korean 
                comfort women

**** 1998-------Then-Prime Minister of Japan Keizo Obuchi makes 
                Japan's fullest apology for the colonization of Korea

February 1999---Professor Fujioka of Tokyo University speaks at the 
                Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan on education  
                issues, comfort women, and the creation of a new 
                >Fujioka basically expressed his opinion that 
                comfort women should not be mentioned in Japanese 
                middle school textbooks because (according to his 
                sources) comfort women were not kidnapped and forced 
                into this role, and because the inclusion of this 
                topic in textbooks is harmful to the personal
                development of children at that age


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